Eric Hui – Director of Golf Instruction

Eric is a Canadian national with a world of teaching experience – teaching in China,Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei and Venezuela. Eric has a unique teaching philosophy that all golfers would be well advised to heed. “Golf is a not a simple game, but it should be taught in a simple fashion” he said. This philosophy allows him to diagnose and quickly correct the swing faults of his students. He never complicates a lesson by concentrating on more than one technique at a time. His strong belief in developing the necessary fundamentals of the swing provides students with a strong foundation from which to improve their game. “That is my aim in a lesson and in every other form my teaching takes: to cut through complexity and find and explain the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.”

Eric Hui
Ballantrae Golf Academy

Private Instructions (30 minutes)

  • Single $70
  • Series of 3* $195
  • Series of 5* $300

*Last lesson will include a club evaluation

Semi-Private Instruction (1 hour) price per person

  • Group of 2, Single $55
  • Group of 2, Series of 5 $250
  • Group of 3, Series of 5 $190
  • Group of 4, Series of 5 $160

Junior Rates (15 years & under) 20% off